When there’s really big news happening in the Oldways universe, we want to shout it from the rooftops! But because that’s hard to do in Boston without getting arrested, we instead like to take to the interwebz to tell everyone our good news from every outlet possible! Last week, Mintel and SPINS released data proving that the Whole Grain Stamp influences product sales. Epic, right? Kara from the Whole Grains Council wrote the post below on the WGC blog explaining and celebrating this exciting announcement, and I thought we needed to celebrate over here on the Oldways Table Blog too (two parties are better than one!). Enjoy! PS. Don’t forget to let us know how you’re celebrating Whole Grains Month by entering our “Whole Grains: Chat ‘Em Up!” contest! — Alison
The Whole Grains Stamp Influences Sales

It’s something we’ve known anecdotally for years. We hear from consumers that they look for the Whole Grain Stamp every time they go grocery shopping. We know that Registered Dietitians focus on the Stamp and encourage their patients and clients to look for it on healthier whole grain options. We even knew, way back in the early days (from 2005 to 2007), that the Stamp was going to prove a valuable consumer tool and that focus groups responded to the Stamp positively at a time when it wasn’t widely known. But today, we’ve got proof. Our friends at Mintel and SPINS just released data proving that the Whole Grain Stamp influences product sales. Both Mintel and SPINS are highly regarded experts in the field of analyzing consumer purchases and understanding key trends, and the data they’ve gathered surrounding the Stamp’s influence is overwhelming. According to SPINS, combined sales of naturally positioned dry grocery products bearing the Stamp grew an impressive 16% over a twelve-week period of time (ending August 7, 2010), versus that same period of time one year ago. Much of the substantial sales growth was seen in natural product categories such as salty/savory snacks (up 133%), energy bars (up 76%), and bread and baked goods (up 221%). In fact, if we look at the bread market alone, sales of natural bread loaves that are approved for the Stamp enjoyed a sales increase of $7.4 million (up 172%) in that same twelve-week period versus a year ago. Needless to say, this is really big! I feel like using multiple exclamation points, jumping up and down, tossing biodegradable confetti in the air, and hugging every single consumer and manufacturer who played a role in this incredible news. It’s certainly a big day here at WGC Headquarters, and it suffices to say we’ve made our parent non-profit Oldways very, very proud. Oldways believes we can change the way people eat, and the WGC was founded on the principle that all whole grains are a valuable part of an overall healthy diet. We created the Whole Grain Stamp to be a consumer-friendly tool, something that could be easily understood by everyone, something that would impart a little additional value to the products inside Stamped packages. We are indeed proud and grateful to know we’re making a difference, and we are beyond overjoyed knowing — really knowing — that the Stamp is as valuable a tool as we always knew it would be. Special thanks go out to our friends at Mintel and SPINS for keeping tabs on our special niche in the ever-changing food landscape. Major applause and kudos to all our WGC Member companies — you really are making a difference, and consumers see a great deal of value in your whole grain products! Last but not least, we thank you, the tireless consumer, for “voting” for whole grains with every Stamped product you buy. We know you trust us, and we know you trust the Whole Grain Stamp, and believe me when I say, we’re here for you. Never mind making our day, this news may have made our YEAR!  — Kara

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