September is Whole Grains Month, and people everywhere are celebrating the delicious taste and nutrient packed health benefits of whole grains! To celebrate a little closer to home, the Oldways Whole Grains Council is putting on an Instagram contest to see how you share the goodness of whole grains this month. 
We recently blogged about the results of our 2015 Whole Grains Consumer Insights Survey, and are excited to see that the trends we revealed in the survey are coming to life in the contest submissions. Looking at all of the love for whole grains that our followers have, it’s easy to believe that nearly two-thirds of consumers are making half or more of their grains whole.
Our survey results showed that we eat about 37% of whole grains at breakfast time.  Whole grains at breakfast are a popular choice with options like oatmeal, baked goods and what seems like an endless array of whole grain cereals. Whole grain waffles happen to be one of my very favorite breakfasts! From our contest submissions so far, we can see that breakfast items are certainly a popular way to share whole grains in many different forms!
Another positive finding from our survey was the statistic that people choose both whole grain bread and whole grain cereals more often than their refined counterparts. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, a breakfast packed with the goodness of whole grains sets you up for a great day!
Although “ancient grains” have been all over the media lately, according to our survey results the three most popular whole grains remain whole wheat, oats, and brown rice. Whether they’re enjoying a complex mixed dish, or just some simply hearty bread or plain grains, our Instagram followers are providing inspiration for how to use these three favorite powerhouse grains in tasty ways.
The most exciting and powerful finding we uncovered in the survey relate to recognition and trust in the Whole Grain Stamp. 49% of people are aware of the Whole Grain Stamp, and 82% trust the Whole Grain Stamp to accurately state a products’ whole grain content. 79% of respondents say the Whole Grain Stamp would make them more likely to buy a product; and about half say they would question a product’s claims about whole grains if they did not see the Whole Grain Stamp. Some of our submissions specifically included a mention of the Stamp in their caption, and some even featured it right in their photo! If you’re looking for an easy way to tell if you’re buying whole grain products, be sure to look for the Stamp like these users below!
The 2015 Whole Grains Consumer Insights Survey provided some really great up-to-date information on whole grain trends just in time for Whole Grains Month. Over the last few weeks, our Instagram followers have proven that these trends are very much alive and well in our homes.  
We love to see all the different ways you’re sharing your love for whole grains. To show us how you share whole grains, follow the Whole Grains Council on Instagram, upload your most delicious photo of how you share whole grains and make sure to add a caption telling us about it, including the hashtag #ShareWholeGrains.
— Harley Songin, Whole Grain Stamp Program Manager

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