Interested in Cyprus? Join us on a culinary tour Nov. 10-17, 2019!



We had a seafood lunch on our final day in Cyprus at one of the oldest seafood tavernas in the country, perched on the edge of the blue Mediterranean, watching fishing boats rocking gently in their berths and “muscle” speedboats zooming around showing off their rooster tails.  The lovely taverna was originally a stone storage building for carobs, and served as the coffee shop for the carob workers.  Carobs are large pods that grow on an evergreen, the beans of which have been food for Eastern Mediterraneans for at least as long as there is recorded history. When the stone jetty was extended to make a larger and safer comfortable harbor, the taverna’s owner, Peter, started serving lunches, and gradually the coffee house morphed into this wonderful restaurant.  His son Nikos now runs the taverna, and he served us amazing grilled calamari, octopus, and sea bream – along with a crisp local white wine – followed by sweet fruits. On the way out we met his father, who sits at the corner of the bar and watches, smiling, over his family’s warm and embracing restaurant.  — Sara & Dun

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