I’m sorry Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes.  Also, I am hopeful that increased awareness about this all too-common form of diabetes will emerge following her diagnosis. In her announcement video, Paula talks about making small changes – like giving up her beloved sweet tea and taking more walks.  She’s even lightening up some of her fat- and calorie-laden fare.  We hope that additional lifestyle changes will be part of her journey.  She is also now a spokesperson for Novo Nordisk and its drug Victoza®. At Oldways we believe it is critical that the message doesn’t become that drugs are the holy grail of diabetes management. As the Mayo Clinic website states right up front, “treatment for type 2 diabetes requires a lifelong commitment to: * Blood sugar monitoring * Healthy eating * Regular exercise * Possibly, diabetes medication or insulin therapy” Possibly is the operative word.  I fear the word possibly will be missed with Paula Deen’s endorsement.   What I fear will be missed is the very positive good news that MOST type 2 diabetes can be managed or eliminated through diet and exercise without drugs, y’all. What’s best for you?  Is it diet alone, or diet and drugs?  Listen to your doctor, listen to your nutritionist – don’t rely solely on a celebrity endorsement! —Sara

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