We’ve been getting some pretty fantastic entries for the “I Love My Whole Grains” Photo Contest (as you can see from above) but we’ve only gotten one poem! Grab your favorite shades, black turtleneck and bongos and prepare to be blown away:


Quinoa: the “Mother Grain”

Quinoa, quinoa, my favorite whole grain

Boiled or toasted seasoned or plain

High in protein, gluten-free

Rich in iron and vitamin B

Full of fiber and a nutty flavor

Easy to cook and a pleasure to savor

Overshadowed by couscous, barley and rice

The less popular quinoa is twice as nice

It’s fluffy and versatile; add veggies or beans

Or make pudding, cold salads…nearly any cuisine

I could eat it daily, again and again

This healthful quinoa, the “mother grain”


Have a great weekend everyone!

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