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When you decide to make a real effort to put more plants on your plate, it’s easy to run out of steam after the first week. Tofu again? 

The Oldways Vegetarian Network has the perfect solution to help you discover how to mix it up day after day and enjoy the wide variety of delicious foods that can be part of easy, everyday plant-based meals.  The Oldways 4-Week Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Menu Plan, created in collaboration with Sharon Palmer, offers dozens of tips and easy, affordable recipes. Meal by meal it shows how you can rely on whole, minimally processed foods, such as legumes, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to keep it simple, yet make every bite count.

Built around the messages behind our Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Pyramid, this new book meets an important need.  Sharon explains, “As a plant-based nutrition expert, I believe that one of the biggest challenges people new to a vegetarian or vegan diet face is menu planning. They need practical direction on what to eat at meals in order to be satisfied and meet their nutritional requirements. People want ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

While it provides an easy, delicious guide for getting started on a plant-based diet, it also serves as great inspiration for vegetarians and vegans who may be stuck in a rut when it comes to meal planning. The menu plan and recipes are simple, globally inspired, nutritionally balanced, and best yet – delicious!

Visit the Oldways webstore to order your copy today!

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