Last year at this time I made a resolution. I can’t say that on the surface it was deep and life altering but the essence of this minor commitment was to live for the day because we truly do not know what tomorrow will bring. This year I got a bit of a headstart:

You see, for several years I was a dedicated spinner, stepper, kick boxer anything gym-goer until a few years ago when a minor injury sidetracked my routine and for some reason I fell off the exercise wagon.  Somehow the passion for exercise into my daily routine disappeared.  There have been half-hearted attempts to return over the past few years but it just was not there and I knew deep down I was not ready.  Thankfully in October I found it again!  One day I told my husband, “I met someone… an exercise buddy!” Today I am filled with joy and endorphins to be back in the ‘saddle’ spinning away. I have accountability and am happy about my commitment.  My resolutions for 2013 is to keep this healthy routine intact, continue supporting my new exercise buddy, and find new ways to incorporate extra steps in my day.  

I got to thinking there may be some merit to making these resolutions…. So a few weeks ago I called on my Oldways colleagues to share any resolutions they had in mind for 2013.  (Maybe it was a bit unfair because I did have a head start and made a preemptive resolution but since today I am making up the rules to this blog post I believe preemptive resolutions are allowed!)

I loved getting responses from everyone and hearing about their commitments in the New Year. Here are some 2013 resolutions from the Oldways family, who joins me in wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!
- Rachel

While I’m not one to list New Year’s Resolutions, I will set goals for the year.  One of my goals is to share my love of cooking with my teenage daughter.  Because I enjoy cooking so much, I often forget to ask her to join me in the kitchen.  By inviting her to cook with me, I can pass along some simple techniques and basics and as a bonus, we can spend more time together!  This is not only a reachable goal, but one we both look forward to accomplishing!
- Karen

The roses in the garden of the building next to our office have continued to bloom, past the end of summer, past a few hard frosts, and even past our first light snow, arriving at the end of December still intact and bright red. I marvel at them every morning when I come to work, and they remind me of my resolution for 2013: to stop and smell the roses. Too often we rush through our own lives, always frantic to get to the next thing, without fully appreciating what’s here already. Mindfully savoring what’s in front of us – whether it’s a delicious meal or a work assignment – leads to greater satisfaction with what’s already on our plate. Be present. Show up for everything in my life. That’s my resolution for the New Year.
- Cynthia

My resolution for 2013 is to really truly spend more time in the kitchen and find ways to slow down the pace so I get in touch more with preparing food from scratch. I want to soak and cook more dry beans, not just rely on cans.  Find time to make lots of homemade vegetable stock with roasted vegetables and fill the freezer with it so I can ramp up the soup making. And I want to finally nail the steps to making my own tofu!
- Georgia

I am planning on refocusing my commitment to healthy eating after the New Year. It is really easy to go off course during the holidays, and I look forward to trying some new vegetables and recipes in the process. I also think it’s important to switch up exercise regimens, so I look forward to pushing myself to try new classes and techniques.
- Abby

To keep myself, and my dog Sadie in shape I have committed to taking two long walks a day instead of one.

My New Year’s resolution is to cook more squash.  I love vegetables but whether Butternut, Acorn or Spaghetti, squash has always intimidated me. (And maybe there was that childhood squash-scarring incident at a neighbor’s table.)  Anyway, inspired by my Oldways’ colleagues’ enticing recipes and tales as well the Delicata Boats with Red Rice Stuffing recipe found in Kim O’Donnel’s new The Meat Lover’s Meatless Celebrations, I am going to squash my fear and conquer squash next year.
- Kyle

In the New Year, I’m hoping to get back into a regular workout routine (including trying some exciting new classes!)  And to sample JUST ONE cookie during my baking endeavors
- Mallory

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