New Year is a wonderful time of the year – it always brings hope that the new year will be better than last year (even if last year was good), resolutions are made, and we promise ourselves to be better persons this year in every respect. To me one of the best parts of the New Year is that, from now on, each day, without fail, gets longer – even if it is only by a minute or so a day until Summer Solstice (well, OK, so it technically started with Winter Solstice).  Knowing that the days are actually getting longer makes it so much easier to get through this dark time of the year, and you can start counting down to spring.  And you know this is one promise that will not be broken.

Also at this time all the new gardening catalogues are arriving daily at the door, and it’s comforting to curl up with the catalogues in front of the fireplace and dream about spring when it’s snowing outside.  Every flower and vegetable looks alluringly up at you from the pages and begs to be picked, and it requires tremendous restraint not to order absolutely everything.  I momentarily consider starting vegetables from seeds again, especially those varieties that are so hard to find in the local nurseries, but I quickly give up on that, knowing fully well that realistically I really don’t have the time for it.  So I concentrate on plants for now and meanwhile we continue composting the kitchen scraps in anticipation and preparation of our organic vegetable garden.

And I’m sure I can find space in my garden for more of these new colorful flowers – and my husband shakes his head and says, “Sure they are nice but, do you have a space for them?”  Of course I have a space for them – the question is whether I have the right conditions (we have a lot of shade and I always try to grow flowers that require more sun than I can give them).  But I still have time to wait another month or so before I order, and in the meantime I can plan the garden areas and where to find the perfect spot for the new additions — must also remember to check on whether they allegedly are as unpalatable to deer as they are delectable to me.  I must also confess that it is also easier to plan on a garden now when the work of preparing any new area, or moving plants around, is so far ahead.  If only one could expend on new garden beds all the work that goes into shoveling snow, then it would be OK, and half of my dilemmas about getting more new homes for the plants would be solved.  — Birthe

What are YOU most looking forward to this spring?

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