We’ve all been there; we all know the feeling.  You’re waiting to board a plane, en route to a connecting flight.  The boarding time keeps getting pushed back.  The gate agents say nothing; they look at the ceiling, they look at each other, but never at you.  Then they say, with a straight face, that there are thunderstorms at the airport you’re trying to reach for your connecting flight.  So, you hope they’re not lying, and that all flights will be delayed, so you can make your connection.  But, in reality, it’s a false hope.  There are no thunderstorms at your connecting airport and of course you’ve missed the connection when you actually land.   

It happened to me just last month.  I was flying from Madrid to Heathrow to Boston.  I’d had a fabulous Madrid weekend with Fausto and Mar Luchetti, including a special lunch party, a museum visit and lunch with Clara Maria de Amezua, sometimes referred to as “the Julia Child of Spain.”  I got to Madrid’s Barajas airport with plenty of time, but when the hour came to board my flight to Heathrow…..no go!  More nothing and then the thunderstorm argument.  Finally, we boarded, took off and arrived at Heathrow, just as my flight to Boston was barreling down Heathrow’s perfectly dry runway. 

Total letdown.  No more flights to Boston meant staying overnight and flying later the next day.  But soon enough, my disappointment melted away.  Halloumi turned me around.  Disappointment turned to happiness — all because of halloumi.   

Despite a great Spanish lunch with Clara Maria, Fausto and Mar, I made my way to the bar at Terminal 5’s Hilton to while away the time.  After a peek at the menu, I settled for a glass of wine and a halloumi wrap.  Perhaps it’s a staple in the UK or in cities other than Boston.  I’d never experienced this sandwich — one of the most scrumptious sandwiches I’ve ever had.  Grilled halloumi, along with roasted red peppers and eggplant in a whole grain wrap.  It went up on the Oldways website asap!   

The message?  Not only is there a silver lining to almost any situation, but there’s also bound to be a Mediterranean Diet delight wherever you go. Keep your eyes and your taste buds open. Even at Heathrow!   


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