Yesterday, Oprah devoted her entire show to diabetes. She and Dr. Mehmet Oz described diabetes as “the silent killer”and noted that, beyond its physically damaging effects, diabetes costs our health system more each year, for treatment, than AIDS and all cancers combined. We salute Oprah for making Americans more aware of this widespread public health issue, which poses a serious threat to the Latino population in America.  Experts predict that nearly half of Latino children born in the year 2000 are likely to develop diabetes in their lifetimes. Here are a few statistics cited on our Latino Nutrition Coalition website:

  • About 10.2% of all Latino Americans have diabetes
  • On average, Latino Americans are 1.9 times more likely to have diabetes than non-Latino whites of similar age.
  • For Latinos 50 or older, about 25-30% have diabetes, either diagnosed or undiagnosed.
Type 2 Diabetes in its early stages can be treated with diet and lifestyle changes and with medications, including insulin. But complications can seriously affect quality of life.
The impact of Type 2 Diabetes on the Latino community inspired us to create the Latino Nutrition Coalition, which encourages Latinos to take positive dietary steps for lifelong health. The LNC’s bilingual website offers a wealth of resources for health professionals and for all Latinos seeking positive and practical ideas and nutritional advice. Visit the LNC today to sign up for our weekly Sarita’s Sensations email, with recipes and suggestions for enjoying a healthy Latino lifestyle. You can also take advantage of the wealth of free resources from the LNC, such as our Latino Living Guide, 7-Day Latino Meal Plan, and our Latino Diet Pyramid, shown below.

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