As someone on Twitter put it, “Only one more sleep ‘til San Francisco!” I feel like it’s the day before Christmas. Tomorrow morning I leave for the Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival, and I am beyond excited. Not only because I’ve wanted to go to San Francisco since Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (don’t lie, you loved it too) but because I get to meet so many cool food bloggers over the next few days. Also I’m one of those few people left in the world who genuinely love to fly, minus take-off, so there’s that. I saw that Maggie from Say Yes to Salad wrote a blog detailing her activities for the next few days and I thought “Hey, that’s cool.” So now I’m shamelessly copying her in hopes that other festival attendees will let me know what they’re doing, and also so I can make a few colleagues of mine insanely jealous. So here’s my tentative schedule for tomorrow: Friday, November 6, 2009 8 AM — Get to Logan on time, despite mind-numbing traffic on 93 N 8:30 AM — Get through security without getting arrested (fingers crossed, guys!) 9:00 AM — See you later, Boston. Will do breathing exercises and proceed to chant, “Wide. Open. Spaces.” over and over until I feel better (I told you, I don’t like take-off) 9:15 AM — 12:30 PM — Abuse mood-lighting on Virgin America flight and try to get flight attendants to pass notes to Susie from We Are Not Martha. They will say really profound things, like “Are you excited!? Check [ ] yes or [ ] no” 12:45 PM — Land in San Francisco. Squeal with delight. 2 PM — Blaze my way through the city to the Galleria Park Hotel and check-in. Jump on bed like a four-year-old, and then pass out like a four-year-old who has had too many pixie sticks. 5 — 7 PM — Meet & greet other fabulous food bloggers at Hotel Vitale. Cameras and cell phones will be going off like crazy, Twitter will shut down from increased activity coming from our part of the city. 7 — 9 PM — San Francisco Street Food Fare! Will stuff face until the size of a baby walrus…okay, okay, more like a full-grown walrus. Whew! And that’s just tomorrow, people. Keep track of me this weekend on Twitter at @OldwaysPT or right here on the Oldways Table Blog. It’s sure to be a good time. California, here we come.  — Alison


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