Did you ever have one of those head-slapping “ah-ha” moments and wanted to share it with the world?  Well, I had one of these moments a few weeks ago and after sharing it with my colleagues, decided it was blog-worthy. Discouraged by the tough, brown and not-so-pretty exterior of the kiwi, I had ignored the delightful fruit.  Unsuccessful attempts to gracefully peel and slice it left me frustrated and unable to truly enjoy its juicy, vitamin-c goodness. It was my mother who, while we were vacationing together, opened my eyes to the best way to attack this little green monster.  She had come out onto the deck of our lake house holding what looked like a brown cup and I watched in wonder as she began scooping out green flesh from this little cup.  Leaning over, I was shocked to find it was a kiwi.  She had cut the top off and easily spooned it out of the inside, one delicious bite at a time. That was it for me!  I would no longer ignore this amazing super-fruit, but instead eat it often and vowed to share what I had learned with others.  And that my friends, is how a kiwi changed my life. — Karen

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