Oldways founder and President Dun Gifford is traveling in Vietnam, researching and learning about the ingredients, preparations and flavors of the cuisines of this fascinating country. He’ll be checking in regularly to give us the scoop on what he’s doing and most importantly, what he’s eating. See what he’s up to today:
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OK, what’s this? Hint 1: It’s sitting on a table in the rooftop restaurant of the Rex Hotel in the center of downtown Ho Chi Minh City. Hint 2: It’s cool and refreshing; it’s all natural and good for you; it’s really, really delicious; and it’s not expensive. Hint 3: The red umbrella is a non-edible decoration, and the straw is for doing what straws do. Give up? It’s an unripe (green) coconut, full of its coconut water, which is chilled and delicious.  It’s NOT coconut milk, which is made by pressing the flesh of a ripe (brown) coconut. It’s made into this “cup” shape by: slicing off the coconut’s pointed bottom to make a flat bottom; slicing off its rounded sides to make into a cup shape; and then very carefully cutting off the top so as not to spill out the coconut water. Then drink or sip — au natural, or with a dash of booze of your choice to turn it into an adult beverage. When you’ve emptied your green coconut, use your spoon to scrape the cool, delicious “coconut jelly” off its inside walls, and savor.  — Dun

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