What a weekend! From the moment my plane touched down in San Fran on Friday afternoon, it was full-steam ahead until just a few hours ago when I got back to Beantown. The Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival was everything I wanted it to be: lots of friends, blogging, new experiences, drinking, and LOTS of eating. They had to roll me back onto the plane, and I think I may have ripped my pants when I went to sit down, but it’s all for the cause.

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Our first stop on the path to food nirvana was Delica’s in the Ferry Building. Like the good food bloggers we are, the girls from We Are Not Martha and  I needed a snack before the actual snacking activities began (makes sense right?), so I chose to munch on a shrimp tempura ball. Delica’s tagline is “where Japanese flavors meet California ingredients,” and wow, whoever came up with that idea was a smart guy.
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Next was the first big event: the Welcome Reception on the roof of Hotel Vitale! It had one of the most beautiful views I’d ever seen, with Brian the bartender serving up great drinks from Skyy Spirits San Francisco.

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That drink right there? It was called the “Brian Signature”, and it was pretty dangerous! Armed with one of these in my hand, I went off to meet a bunch of fabulous bloggers! It was so great to meet the following lovely ladies (and gents):

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We were served all kinds of delicious treats from Chef Eddie Blyden of Henry’s a the Hotel Durant, and Michelle Mah of Midi in the Galleria Park Hotel. Good food, good location, good friends!

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I would have been completely satisfied with just the Welcome Reception, but the best event was yet to come! We all headed over to the Ferry Building for the Taste of SF Street Food Fare, the best street food “from the Mission District to the Ferry Building and all the tasty treats in between.” Some of my favorites included: Everything looked amazing, but by that point I was starting to take on quite a round shape, if you catch my drift. By the end of the night, the time difference caught up with me and I went to bed full and happy. Be sure to check back for my Day Two Re-cap tomorrow!  — Alison

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