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Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend (or Stuffed Artichoke Weekend, as it’s known in my house). Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your life? From the peeling of each delicious layer, to finally reaching the heart (“But don’t eat the hairy stuff!” — My mother), it’s a wonderful food to experience. In fact, a stuffed artichoke in itself is an experience, something that comes only once a year and has almost surpassed Christmas on my list of favorite holidays. My mother, always highly-protective of her weathered book of recipes from Sicily and beyond, wouldn’t give me her recipe for these beauties. But lucky for all of us, the New York Times’ Fitness and Nutrition section just wrote this great article featuring a healthy recipe for Steamed Artichokes With Vinaigrette Dipping Sauce. So enjoy your artichokes whether they’re stuffed or steamed, and as always, remember to tell us all about it!  — Alison

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