If there’s a food-related event going on in Boston, you can bet that someone from Oldways will be in attendance. Obviously we really enjoy food, but we also love our city, so it’s fun for us to get out there and mingle with other food-lovin’ Bostonians. When I heard there was going to be a Food Truck Festival in the South End, I almost started clapping and singing with joy. Last year when I was in San Francisco for the Foodbuzz Festival, you couldn’t pry me away from the delicious things coming out of the local food trucks (Pie Truck, I’m looking at you), so to find out that Boston would be celebrating these beautiful treat-filled vehicles? Well, it was like hitting the lottery and having a REALLY good hair day at the same time. Before I continue, there are two things you should know about me:

  1. I am Irish and therefore hate the sun.
  2. I do not deal well with crowds or long lines.
Thus upon walking up Harrison Ave and into the parking lot where the festival was being held, I faced quite the dilemma.


Holy lines/overwhelming amounts of people. Also, the weather made it feel like we were having a Food Truck Festival on the surface of the sun. I soldiered on in spite of the heat, and tried to wait in line for water (survival instincts kicked in), but after ten minutes the vendor ran out of ice and stopped selling all together. Did I mention I was next in line when this happened? Of course I had to retaliate. I left the parking lot in a huff and met friends at Rocca down the street to wait and see if the crowds would calm down. To anyone planning on visiting the city in the near future: I highly suggest including Rocca in your dinner plans. It’s mainly Italian cuisine, perfect for those of us following the Mediterranean Diet. Chef Tiffani Faison of Top Chef fame has done wonders for the menu, and she happened to be sitting just a few feet away as I chomped down on my delicious Sweet Ricotta Pizzetta (she’s in the dark blue shirt, if you can even make that out)!


After our brush with fame, my friends and I decided to make our grand return back into the Food Truck Festival, only to find that most of the trucks were completely sold out and packing up to go home. Sigh. Still, it was cool to walk around and see all of the food that we could have been eating…right?





Were we defeated in our quest for the perfect Sunday? Did we give up and go home? Never! We went over to the SoWa Open Market and shopped ‘til we dropped (thank you Becca and Steven for your cameos below).

Overall, even though I let the heat and the lengthy wait times get to me, I still had a great time at the 1st Annual Food Truck Festival…I mean, it looked like fun from the Air Conditioned dining room inside Rocca as I sat next to my new best friend Chef Tiffani. Same thing.  — Alison

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