…Olive Oil!

(image via TLC)

That’s right! When given the choice between seafood, olive oil or wine, our Facebook Friends said they would choose olive oil any day! Some of our favorite answers:

“Olive oil! It is super healthy and adds great flavor to so many dishes!”

- Michelle

“Olive Oil…because it tastes great and is good for me. :)”

- Belinda

“if I have to choose one it would have to be olive oil because I use it in almost everything I cook or eat! I lived in Greece many years ago and got used to using olive oil long before it became popular in the US. I love the flavor and now I know how healthy it is.”

- Sara

“We were just saying that most people don’t understand that olive oil is not something you can eliminate from recipes, it is an essential ingredient that gives dishes depth and character.”

- Elizabeth

Olive oil is an incredibly important part of the Mediterranean Diet, plus have I mentioned that it’s good for your heart AND will make your mouth and tummy happy?

To learn more about the Mediterranean Diet, check out Oldways or the Mediterranean Foods Alliance. Thanks to everyone who voted today, and make sure you “like” us on Facebook!

- Alison

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