In my mind long gone are the jingles such as “All beef patty, special sauce lettuce cheese…” I think you know the rest!  YUCK!  Today I am taking lunch

to a new level—an ode to health, a modern day “Wrap Rap!”

Thinkin’ of lunch so brainstormin’ a bunch What to eat? What packs a tasty punch?

A wrap yo—give me a wrap yo!


Your wrap—whole grain is the name of this game And as long as it’s “whole,” it don’t matter the name

Buckwheat, barley, rye or whole wheat — To taste the health, just follow this beat…


Then for the filler—it’s got to be killer Proteins to fuel and flavors that rule Tuna, turkey, tofu, or beans

Just make sure its fresh — you know what that means!


Grate ‘em, chop ‘em, dice and slice fresh greens and veggies, yeah, they taste so nice Rolled up and ready, heated or cold

You know this whole wrap game will never get old!


Nutrient rich b*t#$!  




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