Sade Anderson
Sade Anderson considers herself a member of the global community but claims the DMV (The Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area) as home. As a result of growing up in the military abroad, Sade has fostered a loving relationship with Mother Earth and an appreciate for the origins of foods and cultures from around the world. During her undergraduate and graduate studies in History, Africana Studies and currently African Diaspora Studies, Sade continues to explore the depths of African Heritage through the peoples, cultures, and foodways of the African Diaspora. Outside of academia Sade has continued to engage in social justice work around issues of race, class, youth and political incarceration, birth injustice, and most recently food injustice in Washington, D.C.

Through a thirteen-year journey to a plant-based lifestyle, Sade has come to appreciate food and its source. She is a health coach, food educator, personal chef, garden educator, fitness instructor and now the Program Manager for the African Heritage & Health Program. Sade believes that food and culture is a powerful tool to reconnect with our ancestral past in order to heal ourselves from the inside out! Sade enjoys dancing, reading, cooking, yoga, and sharing vegan meals with her young son. 
Contact Sade Anderson at 512-230-2078