Kyle Potvin

Kyle Potvin works closely with Oldways to create and communicate important health messages designed to help change the way people eat. She has spent much of her 20 years in the PR industry promoting food and nutrition. Over the years she has worked with familiar brands such as Domino’s Pizza, National Starch Food Innovation, Jersey Mike’s Subs, Bertolli Olive Oil, Russell Stover Candies, H.J. Heinz and more. She founded and runs Splash Communications, LLC, a consultancy of communications specialists. Her articles on PR and communications have appeared in a variety of publications. She is the co-author of Kitchen Science (Houghton Mifflin Company). A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Kyle received a B.A. in English and French.

Kyle caught the travel bug at age 16 when she lived in Bangkok, Thailand, as an AFS exchange student. In college, she studied for a year at the Université de Haute Normandie in Rouen, France. She has explored cultures and cuisines in Europe, South American, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand as well as throughout the U.S. As the mother of two young children, Kyle relates to other moms trying to entice their children to explore — and eat — delicious and nutritious foods. It brings her joy to see her sons nibbling sautéed peapods or dipping food in Sriracha.