Kelly Grace Weaver

Kelly Grace Weaver joined Oldways in 2017 as the director of marketing and communications. Prior to that, she spent 12 years in the book publishing industry, where she worked as first an editor and then a marketer on book topics ranging from forensic science to computer software. Her experience as an editor taught her the importance of clarity, the beauty of concision, and the power of a well-placed joke. Her experience as a marketer taught her that a mission is only as good as its message, and that community should be the driving force behind any product or movement.

Kelly joined Oldways because she believes its mission is one that can—and should!—resonate with everyone. She loves spreading the word about good food and cultural traditions, showing her son that vegetables are delicious, and using liberal amounts of olive oil on just about everything. (Including ice cream. Ask her for the recipe!)

You can reach Kelly at