Cynthia Harriman

A self-described “serial re-inventer,” Cynthia Harriman has had a varied career, working at jobs as diverse as Kindergarten teacher, tax preparer, and corporate computer trainer. Before joining Oldways, she worked for twelve years as International Marketing Manager and later VP of New Product Development for a manufacturing company.

Cynthia is the author of scores of magazine articles and five books, including the well-known Take Your Kids to Europe (a family travel guide now in its eighth edition) and Good Eats, a cookbook and nutrition guide for college students limited to six ingredients and two pans. She received her degree in French Culture and Language from Brown University.

Cynthia came to Oldways in 2003 to help manage the Whole Grains Council, which has grown from six members to more than 400 under her stewardship. She managed the creation of standards and graphics for the Whole Grain Stamp, and helped it become a trusted symbol for aiding consumers on five continents to find thousands of whole grain products. As Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies for Oldways, Cynthia has also been instrumental in the guiding of programs like the Mediterranean Foods Alliance and the Oldways Nutrition Exchange, and is always ready to add her wordsmithing talents to any Oldways communications.

Cynthia’s own positive experience with the power of good food prompted her to dedicate her waking hours to helping others enjoy better eating. After she lost twenty-five pounds and left her seasonal allergies behind by switching to whole grains and eating more vegetables and legumes, Cynthia was surprised and delighted to learn that there is an alternative to the cycles of guilt (“cause I ate it”) and deprivation (“ ‘cause I didn’t”) that many women see as their only options in relating to food. Today, Cynthia is pleased to participate in crafting the Oldways message of how to enjoy a satisfying abundance of healthy delicious foods.

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