Barb Ruhs

Barbara Ruhs, MS, RDN is a Phoenix, Arizona-based registered dietitian and licensed dietitian/nutritionist specializing in nutrition education, marketing/communications, and healthy brand strategy for retail supermarkets and food industry partners. She is a passionate public health advocate and is on the cutting edge of exploring, developing, and testing effective strategies to inspire Americans to improve health while shopping at their local grocery stores.

Since 2010, she has led the mission to provide one-of-a-kind educational opportunities for supermarket dietitians, including the Oldways Supermarket Dietitian Symposium in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The goal of these events is to highlight and share best practices in retail nutrition and health promotion and to identify innovative strategies to improve public health.

Barbara graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and has an MS in Nutrition from Boston University. A former collegiate tennis player and rower, she is an all-around athlete who enjoys an active lifestyle.