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Abby Clement joined Oldways in 2018 to use her passion for food to work toward bringing delicious, healthy, and diverse food to all!

Ever since a very young age, Abby’s enthusiasm for food was a defining characteristic of her personality. Luckily, she grew up in a household full of dynamic, healthy foods. Though it yielded strange looks in the cafeterias of her youth, the food and how it made her feel was always worth it. College proved to be a wake-up call, when the foods she had grown to love and was privileged enough to eat were hard to come by, both physically and financially. Paired with her budding love for anthropology, her academic fate was sealed. Fascinated with the American food system and our relationship with what we eat, she embarked on a journey to understand the sustainability and local food movements. From farms and co-ops in rural Virginia, to trendy food start-ups in Nashville, Tennessee, her journey eventually led her north to Boston University, where she received her Masters in Gastronomy with a focus in food policy. After a brief stint working in higher education, she is thrilled to return to the food world and work with Oldways and the Whole Grains Council.

Abby can be reached at