Oldways has developed a wide variety of African Heritage Diet Resources to help everyone everywhere put this wonderful way of eating into practice. Whether you’re at the grocery store, in your kitchen, or out on the town, you can use these empowering tools and tips to make the healthiest choices for you and your family.

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African Heritage Diet Pyramid

The African Heritage Diet is a way of eating based on the healthy traditional diets of people with African roots.

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African Heritage Diet 101 Brochure

Welcome to the African Heritage Diet, a trifold brochure,  provides 10 simple steps to get you started eating the African Heritage Way!

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African Heritage & Health Newsletter

Each edition of the Quarterly will share new African Heritage & Health program updates, recipes, and health studies, and celebrates the healthy, delicious foods of African heritage.
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African Diaspora Cultures

These African ancestors landed in regions that featured different local foods and cuisines, as well as other cultural influences, that shaped their unique cooking styles.

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African Heritage Foods

From Senegal to Brazil to Savannah, GA, these foods can be found in the African heritage tradition.

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Diaspora Food Glossary

We don’t want anyone to pass up trying a new food simply because they do not know what it is!

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African Heritage Diet & Health

Research shows that following traditional diets leads to better health than eating a typical Western modern diet.

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Setting Up Your Kitchen

Give your kitchen a healthy uplift by adding delicious staples of the African Heritage Diet. It’s not necessary to have everything on this list to be healthy.

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African Heritage Diet Grocery List

To help you shop for African Heritage foods,
use this handy grocery list.

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Plates of Expression

To put the African Heritage Diet Pyramid on the plate, we’ve created 12 Plates of Expression with the help of African Heritage culinary scholar Jessica Harris.

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African Heritage Diet Webinar

This Webinar marks the unveiling of the Oldways African Heritage Diet Pyramid: A New Cultural Model for Promoting Health Through Heritage.

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