Mediterranean Diet & Pyramid


The “Gold Standard” eating pattern that promotes lifelong good health is widely used by consumers, educators, and health professionals to gain healthier eating habits.

50 Years of Nutrition Research

  • Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

    This pyramid continues to be a well-known guide to what is now universally recognized as the “gold standard” eating pattern that promotes lifelong good health.

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  • Mediterranean Diet 101

    You don’t need to travel any further than your local supermarket to discover the Med Diet's delicious flavors and fresh foods.

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  • Traditional Med Diet

    Traditional Mediterranean meals feature foods grown all around the Mediterranean Sea, and are easily adaptable to today's kitchens and busy lives.

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  • Med Diet Food Glossary

    Check out our Med Diet Glossary. We don't want anyone to pass up trying a new food simply because they do not know what it is!

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  • Med Diet & Health

    Scientists have intensely studied the eating patterns characteristic of the Mediterranean Diet for more than half a century.

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  • Tips for Families

    The Med Diet is all about delicious foods, flavors, textures and colors, with something for everyone – even finicky eaters! Keep these tips in mind as you shop for your family.

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  • Tips for Women

    The Mediterranean Diet isn’t just one more fad to follow. It’s a healthy way of eating that can help everyone live a longer life and lower the risk of disease.

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  • Tips for Men

    The Mediterranean Diet offers some great ways for you guys of all ages to live longer, healthier lives.

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  • Tips for Seniors

    The Mediterranean Diet helps seniors enjoy increased mental acuteness and higher energy levels, plus it aids in resisting disease and improves the immune system.

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