Heritage Pyramids

Since Oldways created the original Mediterranean Diet Pyramid in 1993, our family of Heritage Pyramids has grown to include the Asian, Latin American, Vegetarian & African Heritage pyramids. Each traditional pyramid shows at a glance the balance of real foods that support good health.

Heritage Pyramids & Total Diet

  • Why Pyramids are Important

    At Oldways, we’re convinced that good dietary guidance has three important elements: pyramids, plates and real food.

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  • Mediterranean Diet & Pyramid

    The “Gold Standard” eating pattern that promotes lifelong good health, the Mediterranean Diet & Pyramid have been widely used to implement healthier eating habits.

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  • Latin American Diet & Pyramid

    Oldways created the Latin American Diet Pyramid in 1996 to help Latin Americans maintain good health through traditional foods, especially those native to Central and South America.

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  • African Heritage Diet & Pyramid

    Incorporating delicious foods from Africa, South America, the Caribbean and the American South, this pyramid shows the wisdom of traditional diets from the African diaspora.

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  • Asian Diet & Pyramid

    This pyramid was developed in conjunction with the Cornell-China-Oxford Project on Nutrition, Health & Environment, and the Harvard School of Public Health.

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  • Vegetarian/Vegan Diet & Pyramid

    This pyramid is a guide to a healthy traditional plant-based eating pattern for vegetarians and vegans.

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