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Do you want to follow the Mediterranean Diet? Are you trying to inspire your kids to take part in cooking and meal planning? Looking for a realistic way to plan meals and shop efficiently? Our recipe collection reflects a careful balance of health, taste, and accessibility. You’ll find a wide array of recipes, representing different cuisines and flavors for the novice kitchen dabbler to the expert cook.

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Courtesy of California Avocado Commission
These tasty cookies travel well and are an ideal picnic treat. If an electric mixer is unavailable...
Courtesy of California Avocado Commission
Brighten a picnic pasta salad by adding avocado and orange!
Courtesy of Suzanne Hamlin
Here’s a decidedly different way to make avocados part of your summertime meal. Serve them...
Courtesy of California Avocado Commission
Make a batch of these delicious treats as a thank you gift. They're delicious with coffee or...
Recipe courtesy of Pompeian
This flavorful dip is sure to disappear at a party.
Courtesy of the California Avocado Commission
A combination of spicy and sweet, creamy and cool, this salsa is simply delightful. Serve with corn...
Recipe courtesy of Ana Sortun and Ayfer Unsal. Content courtesy of Oldways. Photo: iStockphoto.
This simple and delicious recipe for kisir, a traditional bulgur recipe, was created by Turkish...
Coutesy of Al Wadi Al Akhdar
This Mediterranean classic is very easy to make at home.
Recipe and photo courtesy of Kathleen DePasquale
Kathleen DePasquale and her son James DePasquale prepare a traditional Italian-American Feast of...
Courtesy of American Egg Board/Egg Nutrition Center
Serve with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and additional salsa.

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