Special & Custom Programs

Oldways has a long and proud track record of creating custom programs and co-branded materials to help shine a spotlight on traditional healthy foods. For example:

When low-fat, no-fat mania led to the demonization of healthy essential fats in the 1990s, we worked with people representing peanuts, tree nuts, avocados, olive oil and other healthy fats to present the scientific evidence for the benefits of good fats. The conferences and meetings that Oldways organized during this period helped bring about popular understanding of the difference between “good fats” and “bad fats” and influenced changes in the 2000 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

When the regional government of Puglia, in the heel of Italy’s boot, wanted to demonstrate that their traditional foods and touristic attractions could compete with those of better known regions like Tuscany, they called on Oldways to help. Over the years, we have organized periodic symposiums in Puglia, inviting chefs, gourmet importers and journalists to learn with us. These symposiums feature talks from local experts, visits to small artisanal producers, and stupendous meals showcasing local specialties. After Oldways’ trips, chefs highlighted Pugliese dishes on their menus, journalists wrote about the region, and importers bought more of their products, helping to ensure that scores of traditional producers would stay viable and carry on their centuries-old food customs.

When the Yup’ik fishermen of Alaska’s Yukon River wanted to make the story of their sustainable salmon more widely known, we worked with their communty-owned cooperative, Kwik’pak Fisheries, to help spread the word. We held events in Houston, TX and in Cambridge, MA featuring scientists, who talked about the health benefits of omega-3 oils and seafood, and chefs, who cooked up this delicious Wild Yukon River Salmon. Oldways’ efforts helped further the success of the first seafood company to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

When a supermarket chain wanted to help its many Latino customers understand how the traditional eating patterns of their ancestors could help them make healthier shopping decisions, Oldways worked with the store to create a custom version of our Camino Mágico shopping guide. By co-branding this bilingual pocket guide with their logo, the grocery chain showed their concern for Latino health, without the need to develop their own materials from scratch.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how Oldways could design and execute a special or custom program for your company, or co-brand Oldways materials with your logo. We are always delighted to help promote healthy foods that are aligned with our mission of creating health through heritage. Contact Sara Baer-Sinnott, President, (617-421-5500 or sara@oldwayspt.org) to discuss your project and to request a custom quote.

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