Reach Supermarket RDs and other Healthcare Professionals with Oldways

Oldways helps companies marketing healthy foods succeed in the marketplace – so they'll be encouraged to offer more healthy options. We offer two great ways to help companies partner with supermarket RDs in ways that benefit everyone: food companies, supermarkets, and consumers alike!

Oldways Nutrition Exchange (ONE)

The 'ONE' Way to Reach Healthcare Professionals 
Oldways Nutrition Exchange (ONE), a trusted source for food and nutrition information, is at the forefront of connecting food manufacturers and commodity boards with healthcare professionals. In addition to our sponsored, online Toolkits, you can now promote your health and wellness message to these professionals in our ONE-Stop Resource Directory. 

Why The ONE-Stop Resource Directory
Healthcare professionals – whether they’re working in a clinic or hospital, in private practice, or in the supermarket – reach consumers in a myriad of ways. They need health and wellness information and materials to use at community health fairs, in corporate settings, and in the supermarket, as well as on TV, radio, online and in print.

You’ve got the message, we’ve got the network!
Our growing list of opted-in healthcare professionals includes over three-quarters of the known universe of dietitians working in supermarkets (SRDs) – a highly influential group that promotes healthier food options to consumers at the point of purchase. As a bonus, we also reach important dietitians, doctors, nurses and others in private practice, healthcare, schools and foodservice.

We make it easy for healthcare professionals to have your information at their fingertips
You can now reach all these professionals with a listing in the ONE-Stop Resource Directory. We call it “ONE-Stop” because you list all your health and wellness information – and healthcare professionals easily and quickly find it – all in one place.

ONE-Stop provides a platform for your health and wellness message, helps drive traffic to your website, and can help you develop relationships with retail dietitians and healthcare professionals throughout the year.

The ONE-Stop Resource Directory includes:
•Your company name and logo
•Up to three contacts – these are the people you want healthcare professionals to connect with in your company (listing includes name, title, phone and email)
•Your health and wellness message tailored specifically to healthcare professionals
•Up to five links to specific information on your website, or to an external document, such as a PDF. For example, links to your website could include “Health and Wellness,” “Recipes,” “Product Samples,” “Coupons” or a PDF of a new product announcement.
•Up to five searchable keywords
•Up to five social media links

Your listing is searchable by indexed keywords of your choice, so if a user is looking specifically for your organization or generally by subject matter, they’ll find your information quickly and easily!

ONE Listing, ONE Year
For 12 months, your online listing is accessible 24/7. To keep your information current, your listing can be revised twice a year, with an option to purchase additional updates throughout the year. On a monthly basis, we promote the Directory to over 3,000 opted-in registered dietitians and other healthcare professionals, keeping the ONE-Stop Resource Directory top-of-mind.

ONE-Stop lets you reach a highly-influential group for a very small investment. For far less than it costs to attend a conference, or develop and place an ad in an industry publication, you can reach this market for a full year.

Sponsored, Branded Toolkits
In addition to ONE-Stop Resource Directory, sponsors can reach supermarket dietitians, other healthcare professionals and others working in food service, with branded Toolkits posted on the ONE portal. 

Contact program manager, Deborah Plunkett by calling 617-896-4850, or emailing, if you'd like details on how your company can participate in the Directory and/or sponsor a branded Toolkit (with up to 10 resources).

Oldways' Annual Supermarket Dietitian Symposium

Oldways is also well known for our annual Supermarket Dietitian Symposium, where we bring together SRDs from leading grocery chains to network, share best practices, and connect with food company representatives for two full days. This exciting and educational event recognizes the important work that retail dieti­tians do, and lays a foundation for working with industry to streamline communication and make their jobs easier.

Contact Georgia Orcutt at 617-896-4861 or if you'd like details on how your company can take part in our next Symposium. Click here to visit our Symposium pages.

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