Reach Supermarket RDs with Oldways

Oldways helps companies marketing healthy foods succeed in the marketplace – so they'll be encouraged to offer more healthy options. We offer two great ways to help companies partner with supermarket RDs in ways that benefit everyone: food companies, supermarkets, and consumers alike!

Oldways Nutrition Exchange (O.N.E.)

Supermarket Dietitians (SRDs) are constantly seeking out information about healthier options for their shoppers. And yet, busy as they are, they don't have time to hunt for recipes, health studies, newsletter ideas, coupons, and more that are available from food companies. Oldways' new ONE program tracks down the best resources for promoting healthy foods, then augments them with additional Oldways resources, to save time for busy RDs.

Here’s what a few supermarket dietitians told us as we planned this program:

I love the idea of a virtual toolkit [with] recipes using everyday ingredients. Also handouts that we can add our logo to and print in color here, in-house.
     RD at chain of 59 supermarkets

Having downloadable educational handouts that we can give to our customers is much appreciated. Ideas for nutritional activities (scavenger hunts for kids, etc.) in and outside the grocery store are also needed. We love these types of resources.
    RD at chain of 179 supermarkets

The resource you mention sounds amazing! It would be a great way to connect food manufacturers / producers with Supermarket RDs; I would certainly put it to good use! I think it would benefit everyone involved.
    RD at chain of 16 supermarkets

What happens with a ONE download?
A single ONE download can reach tens of thousands of consumers. A supermarket RD in the mid-Atlantic states, for instance, recently told us that when she downloads a handout, she shares it with her team of more than 80 store RDs, who use them during in-store events, education sessions, store tours, etc. So while our computerized system is logging just one download, that resource is being distributed to scores of RDs at stores in a multi-state area.
What's the potential impact? Data from FMI show that the average grocery store serves about 6,400 unique customers per week, so 80 stores reach more than half a million customers. That's a lot of potential impact from a single ONE download, which is why ONE is such a good way to spread the word about healthy foods.
Next Steps
If you're a food company with well-written nutritional and educational materials, tell us what you've got. We'll review your materials and consider them for inclusion – with your logo – in our themed "Toolkits" for Supermarket RDs. You'll pay a small sponsorship fee for each resource we include in a Toolkit. Learn more about what's in a resource here.
If you'd like to know more about the benefits and costs of becoming a ONE sponsor, download our sponsor info here, then contact Deborah Plunkett at 617-896-4850 or

Oldways' Annual Supermarket Dietitian Symposium

Oldways is also well known for our annual Supermarket Dietitian Symposium, where we bring together SRDs from leading grocery chains to network, share best practices, and connect with food company representatives for two full days. This exciting and educational event recognizes the important work that retail dieti­tians do, and lays a foundation for working with industry to streamline communication and make their jobs easier.

Contact Georgia Orcutt at 617-896-4861 or if you'd like details on how your company can take part in our next Symposium. Click here to visit our Symposium pages.

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