2015 Toolkit Themes and Editorial Content

Each month we post Toolkits or themed collections of resources
for RDs and other healthcare professionals that can be used to
educate customers and patients about healthy eating and lifestyle.

Below, please find the topics and content featured each month.
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Budget Wise and Healthy
Eating good food doesn’t have to be a budget-breaker when shoppers learn the basics of what we refer to as the Four P’s: Planning, Purchasing, Preparing and Preserving. We share tips on how to be a savvy shopper and home cook that can help consumers save time and money in the store, pantry and kitchen.


(1) Food as Medicine

From herbs and spices to fruits and vegetables, many foods are scientifically proven to help prevent and alleviate a variety of health issues and their symptoms including diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. We take a look at the health benefits of these foods, and share tips and recipes that show how easy it is to incorporate them into daily meals.

(2) Sweet Potatoes 
(Sponsored Toolkit: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission)


Delicious Dairy

Getting enough of our daily dairy recommendation is easy with the many sources available, including milk, yogurt, cheese and kefir. We explore options for those who are lactose intolerant, too. You’ll have plenty of resources to use during Dairy Month in June!


Weight Loss and Diet
Both adults and children in America are at risk for diabetes and heart disease, among other health issues, due to being overweight. We examine the trends and research, as well as provide tips and recipe ideas for losing and maintaining weight. Many of these resources can be used during Child Obesity Month in September.


Food and Nutrition Myths 
We debunk more food myths and provide you with an FAQ, the latest nutritional research, as well as other resources to make sure you’re armed with information to answer the questions you’re asked the most.


Plant Based Diets

In time for celebrating Vegetarian Month in October, we explore the benefits of a plant-based diet, according to recent studies, and provide tips, recipes, and more!


Traditional Diets
In this kit, we celebrate a variety of traditional diets including the popular Mediterranean Diet as well as African, Latin American, and Asian. We explore the flavor profiles and health benefits of each and include tips and easy recipes ideas that can be used to add layers of flavor and nutrition to everyday meals.


Get ready for Diabetes Month in November with the resources in
this kit. We discuss diabetes-friendly foods, the glycemic index, and provide a summary of the recent health studies – and of course, lots of tips and recipes!


Enjoying the Holidays and New Year
Celebrate the holidays with delicious recipes and tips for staying happy and stress free through the hustle and bustle of the season; ring in a new year with resources that will help keep resolutions intact, and maybe even a few pounds at bay.


Cooking 101
When people know the basics of preparing and cooking their own food, they often will enjoy healthier foods. We provide a myriad of resources that will explain the basics and will get people excited about cooking for themselves. 


Heart Health
February is Heart Health Month, and this kit will provide the resources you’ll need to educate people about keeping their heart strong and healthy. We explain the different types of cardiovascular disease and how diet plays a role in it, and provide a summary of the latest research as well as recipes and tips.


Whole and Ancient Grains
Whole grains and ancient grains continue to grow in popularity, and many questions arise about what they are and how to prepare them. This kit provides you with the answers you need; recipes as well as tips on reading labels and adding more grains to meals are included. We explain how even those who are gluten-free can enjoy whole grains, too. Get ready for Whole Grain Sampling Day on April 1!

Your feedback is important to us. If you have ideas for resources or Toolkit topics that you would like us to consider, please email our program manager, Deborah Plunkett, deborah@oldwayspt.org