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ONE is an online Oldways resource for supermarket dietitians, providing easy access to comprehensive, relevant information about healthy eating and healthy products. The goal of ONE is to help supermarket dietitians as they do their jobs – reaching customers and inspiring them to choose healthy foods. Although the main audience is supermarket dietitians, ONE is designed for all dietitians and health professionals, and we invite you to participate.

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ONE is an on-demand offshoot of Oldways’ successful annual Supermarket RD Symposium, a unique networking event for store RDs and manufacturers selling healthier foods. When we originated our Symposium in 2011, supermarket RDs told us they appreciate solid, useful information about healthy products – but that they would value having Oldways screen and organize materials and offers from manufacturers in one place to save them time.

Consumers spend more than $563 billion a year at America’s 36,149 supermarkets. Although stores have only recently begun hiring in-store dietitians to steer consumers to healthier foods, supermarket RDs have quickly gained enormous influence. While each chain takes advantage of its RDs’ skills differently, a typical day may find them running store tours, planning end-caps, doing cooking demonstrations, visiting a local school or any number of food- and health-related tasks.

Now ONE supports supermarket RDs 24/7 in all these activities, with one-stop shopping for the resources they need. Working together, Oldways can help supermarkets maximize their potential as a powerful force for better food.

What's in a Typical ONE Toolkit?

One “toolkits” gather together resources RDs can use to attract shoppers to healthier foods. These toolkits are thematic, reflecting current and emerging consumer/grocery/health trends such as whole grains, Mediterranean Diet, gluten free, local foods and sustainability, small bites and smaller portions, kids and cooking, women’s health – a wide variety of topics, constantly being updated.

Each toolkit features an extensive range of free downloadable and online elements that individual supermarket RDs can mix and match to meet their widely-varying needs. Just as the shelves in a grocery store have thousands of products in order to appeal to thousands of different consumers, ONE will, over time, offer scores of different resources to appeal to dietitians at chains across the country, with different needs. All toolkits are reviewed by an Oldways dietitian before we post them.

A typical kit might include any or all of the following:

    Template newsletter articles
    Graphics, banners and blurbs for weekly circulars
    Features for the store website
    Newspaper articles, easily customized for local press
    Recipes with shopping lists (buy these items in order to cook this dish!)
    Store display ideas
    Shelf talker examples
    Intercom sound bites
    Ideas for blogs and Facebook
    Coupon offers
    Factsheets, tips and useful nutrition information
    PPT slides for public presentations
    And more.

What happens with a ONE download?
A single ONE download can reach tens of thousands of consumers. A supermarket RD in the mid-Atlantic states, for instance, recently told us that when she downloads a handout, she shares it with her team of more than 80 store RDs, who use them during in-store events, education sessions, store tours, etc. So while our computerized system is logging just one download, that resource is being distributed to scores of RDs at stores in a multi-state area.
What's the potential impact? Data from FMI show that the average grocery store serves about 6,400 unique customers per week, so 80 stores reach more than half a million customers. That's a lot of potential impact from a single ONE download, which is why ONE is such a good way to spread the word about healthy foods.

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