What Is the Mediterranean Diet?

Confused about what the Mediterranean Diet actually is? These resources offer information  about what constitutes a Mediterranean Diet, some of the common foods and flavors of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, and basic guidelines for adhering to a Mediterranean Diet.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid represents graphically the traditional eating patterns of the Mediterranean region.
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Traditional Mediterranean Diet

Traditional Mediterranean meals feature foods grown all around the Mediterranean Sea, and enjoyed along with lifestyle factors typical of this region.
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Mediterranean Diet 101

Learn 8 simple ways you can start following a Mediterranean Diet today. Read online or download a printable PDF of our Welcome to the Mediterranean Diet brochure.
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Mediterranean Diet Foods

Download a PDF chart of foods and flavors that are traditionally used in Mediterranean cooking.
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Mediterranean Diet Food Glossary

We don't want anyone to pass up trying a new food simply because they do not know what it is! In our glossary we explain a few terms you may have encountered on a menu or in a recipe.
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Sensible Wine Guidelines

Drinking wine in moderation at meals with friends and family can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Download our PDF of Sensible Wine Guidelines to learn more.
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Make Each Day Mediterranean

Download our Mediterranean Diet primer, Make Each Day Mediterranean, for handouts, references, a materials that you can hand out in classrooms, to patients, or just use for personal reference.
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