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Healthy, delicious eating – the kind encouraged by all Oldways programs – is growing in momentum worldwide. To help those of you in the media paint the complete picture, we regularly post information on this page that documents the move toward healthier foods. For more quotable quotes, facts and figures, contact Rachel Greenstein, Communications Manager, at 617-896-4888.

65% of Dietitians Rate Mediterranean Diet as Best
787 dietitians surveyed in the autumn of 2010 for the Dietary Fat Survey for Dietitians rated the Mediterranean Diet as the top weight-loss diet, with 65% of votes. Weight Watchers was distant second at 28%, with South Beach at 5% and Atkins at 1%. In the same survey, 95% said they regularly recommend olive oil to patients. Click here to see full survey results.

78% of Chefs Rate Med Diet as “Hot” or “Perennial Favorite”
The National Restaurant Association surveys members of the American Culinary Federation annually to learn what professional chefs see as the hottest trends, as perennials favorites, or as “yesterday’s news.” In their 2011 trends survey, released in December 2010, the Mediterranean Diet scored second only to “soul/comfort/Southern food” in ratings as a perennial favorite, with 42% of chefs also calling the Med Diet a “hot trend.” Click here for the survey.

More Americans are Looking for Healthy Foods in Restaurants
A July 2010 NPD Group report says there is growing demand for healthier options among those age 18 to 34. In the survey, consumers defined healthier as “fresh ingredients that taste good” – a refreshing endorsement of Oldways’ philosophy that food should be both healthy and delicious.

Pasta Consumption Per Person
It’s no surprise that Italians eat the most pasta, at 57 pounds per person annually. It may be surprising, however, to learn which six countries come next in annual consumption per person: Venezuela (27 pounds), Tunisia (26 pounds), Greece (23 pounds), Switzerland (21 pounds), USA (20 pounds) and Sweden (also 20 pounds). Consumption data are from the International Pasta Organization.

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