Ana Sortun and Oldways traveled to Turkey, March 15-22, 2015, for another spectacular week-long journey in this most captivating of countries. We visited the Aegean coast—from Bodrum to Izmir, where artichokes, fava beans, and all wild green edible things are in season. We found amazing landscapes with stunning historic sites to visit. While we were on the coast, we also toured the ruins of Ephesus, the ancient Greek city built in the 10th century BC. And, since a trip to Turkey isn’t complete without a stop in Istanbul, we explored the classic, historic, and cultural sites, as well as Ana’s new food discoveries in this mesmerizing city.

Exploration of Turkey’s Culinary Heritage included:

  • Cooking classes by Ana and local Turkish culinary experts
  • Tour of the archaeological remains of Ephesus, the ancient Greek city
  • Tours of food markets and shopping bazaars
  • Guided visits to the classic sites of Istanbul
  • A boat journey down the Bosphorus
  • Amazing meals, including Ciya, one of Ana’s favorite restaurants in the world, as well as
  • Ana’s new restaurant finds
  • Great camaraderie typical of Oleana-Oldways culinary tours
  • Much much more!

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While each Oldways trip is new and different, you may enjoy looking at photos of our two most recent Culinarias to Turkey in March 2012 and in March 2007, to get a flavor of our trips.