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One of the best parts of working at Oldways is receiving your emails telling us how passionate you are about good food and about our work. Emails like these:

“I live by a passion for food, loving and living it, the global and personal impacts, cooking and eating, education and communication, and wanted to support you.”  M.E., Arizona

“I have seen too many friends and relatives who suffer from chronic preventable medical conditions.  I want to help them and others understand the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. What you are doing is of great importance!” J.K., Colorado

“I want to be a part of your movement and I am ready to make the pledge today! Please let me know how I can make a difference.” A.G., Texas

Your donations enable us to ramp up our efforts and reach more people, with more good information and creative programs. Thanks so much for helping us help others

Your generous gift will be put to work immediately in projects like these:

  • Providing Mediterranean Diet brochures to senior citizens’ centers
  • Funding cooking videos on easy, healthy “Heritage Fast Food”
  • Donating African Heritage Diet Pyramids to boys’ and girls’ clubs
  • Supplying our High Five kids’ cooking curriculum to elementary classrooms
  • Adding more healthy recipes and scientific studies to our website
  • Sending whole grain posters and stickers to a state WIC program
  • Creating our bi-weekly Fresh Fridays e-newsletter
  • Reaching out to dietitians with webinars on Health through Heritage


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Oldways is a 501(c)3 charity. All donations are 100% tax deductible

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