Whole Grains Conference Update

Hello from Virginia!

We're almost all done with the Whole Grains Conference 2009, and everything has gone so fantastically (except the lack of internet connection in the hotel, but I don't hold a grudge). There's currently a vicious thunderstorm outside, but we've been getting these kind of summer showers every couple of hours ever since we landed in Alexandria on Monday morning. The conference attendees are in a workshop called "Government Standards and Definitions." I hear laughter despite the seemingly boring title, so that's a good sign.

We have tons of samples hanging around the hotel, everything from bread, to Nutri-Grain bars, cookies, croissants, you name it. I tried to stuff a bag of whole grain sandwich rolls into my tiny carry-on, but I'll probably find a way to squish and destroy them before we even get on the plane. We're boxing the rest of the food up and sending it to a local food pantry. Literally, I'm surrounded by mountains of whole grains right now. I can't say I don't enjoy it.

I loved Virginia but I'm looking forward to getting back to cold, rainy, post-Marathon Monday Boston. I have tons of photos, videos, cooking demonstrations and other surprises for you guys, so make sure you check back here throughout the next couple weeks.

Talk to you in Boston-town,


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