African Heritage & Heath Week Event List

African Heritage & Health Week is celebrated in all kinds of unique ways, from potlucks and presentations to restaurant outings and home-cooked meals. Every year, friends of Oldways share about their events and send in photos showing how they enjoyed the tastes of African heritage during this special week. 

African Heritage & Health Week 2015: Upcoming Events!

Where: Washington, DC     
Venue: National Geographic Museum 
When: February 1st        
Time: TBD 
Host: Tambra Raye Stevenson     
Event: Tambra will be presenting about traditional African stews and soups to the public 
Cost: Museum Admission 

Where: NW Washington, DC      
Venue: Appioo Ghanahian Restaurant  
When: February 7th        
Time: TBD 
Host: Tambra Raye Stevenson      
Event: Share a true Ghanian meal, including a guest speaker, tasting menu, and other activities 
Cost: TBA 

Other Private Events 

  • An African heritage inspired luncheon for Fairfax county at the Dunn Loring Parent Center in Virginia
  • A community potluck in Houston, TX hosted by A Taste of African Heritage teacher Danessa Bolling 
  • Local restaurant visit by members of Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Fayetteville, LA
  • An African heritage inspired dinner potluck at Creekside Community Center in Alexandria, VA
  • African Heritage Diet material distribution at Marvin AME Zion Church in Marvin, NC
  • Local resturant outings in St. Louis, MO and Powdersville, SC

Check back for more dates, times and locations! 

Scenes From Past Events

African Heritage & Health Week Potluck: Austin, TX
Austin, TX Potluck Gals!
AH&H Week Potluck In the Sun
Carrye Brown presented the African Heritage Diet to St. Mark's Missionary Baptist Church in D.C.
Larry Brown at St. Marks, with the support of Rev. Raymond T. Matthews
African American Heritage Dinner University of Texas With Oldways Support
Food Activist Tambra Raye Stevenson presented the African Heritage Diet Pyramid at the D.C. Mayor's Office
Tambra Raye Stevenson and Chef Pierre Thiam
Tambra Raye Stevenson visited the Nutrition Dept. at Howard University
African Heritage Cooking at Home: Cornmeal Cou-Cou, Millet, and African Stewed Vegetables with Berbere Spice

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